Neil Gaiman remembers Maurice Sendak

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In Sendak’s world, childhood was beautiful, but it could also be scary, confusing and sometimes horrible. He had little time for sanitized cuteness and lighthearted naiveté.

“As a parent, I read Where the Wild Things Are to my children,” said The Graveyard Book author Neil Gaiman in an e-mail exchange with Wired. “But [my daughter] Holly’s favorite was Outside, Over There, and I must have read it to her hundreds of times, perhaps thousands of times, marveling at Sendak’s economy of words, his cruelty, his art.”

Remembering Maurice Sendak

Transcendental Money – How much money do you need?

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How much money do you need to feel secure?

Ask this question in different parts of the world, and you’ll get different answers. In a poor country like India, it might be $1 million. In poorer parts of the US, $3 million. In California where you can hardly throw a pot sticker into a crowd without hitting a billionaire, the answer might be $25 million. When I ask myself this question, that’s roughly what my inner-being comes up with.

Of course it’s a complete lie. ;->

How much can you spend?

Now what if we add a rule that says you can only buy things that you can actually use?

Transcendental Money